September 22, 2021

Housing court is back — with boundaries

As many as six courtrooms will hear two to six cases per hour,

In-person appearances on tap as courts dismiss warnings of “sickness and death”

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September 17, 2021

How the Commercial Rent Stabilization Act will damage NYC’s economy

Commercial Rent Control Proposed Again as NYC Retail Reels From Pandemic

Enacting Commercial Rent Stabilization will significantly damage New York City’s economy and impair the viability of conducting business in NYC.

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September 16, 2021

Two more rent law challenges tossed, landlords rest hopes on appeal

Dismissed suits argued that the rent law is unconstitutional

Third lawsuit awaiting arguments in Second Circuit

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April 03, 2021

What landlords and tenants need to know about NYC security deposit laws.

HSTPA amended General Obligations Law (“GOL”) § 7-108 prohibit landlords from collecting more than one month of security or from taking any payment of future months’ rent

Landlords who charge more than one month’s rent for security at lease execution are taking a substantial risk.

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